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"Money" In The Media Battle

The media war, the subject of which is "money" is the most effective way to break adversaries, which is one of the most dangerous battles that neglect or ignores defeat.

In a country such as Yemen, where hunger and poverty are widespread because of the war, and where soldiers on fronts resisting the coup have spent months without pay, to other forms of destitution, deprivation and homelessness among citizens, the publication of lists of political elites receiving such large sums from allies will certainly find a strong and angry response from the people and will lead to great collapses unless the subject is banished and clarified, and things are set right.

This is done by the concerned body that has uploaded the lists of its official papers, meaning brothers in the kingdom, will be of decisive value, because silence remains and effects negativity, especially since the situation of anger arising from the special situations of people makes them look for anything, no matter how true it is, to express discontent.

The issue is greater than the reality that provoked this whirlwind. It is about trying to strike the relationship between the alliance and Yemen in depth by portraying this relationship as being paid for purposes unrelated to relinquish Yemen of the sins of the Iranian sectarian project and forging a better future for Yemen in its relationship with its Arab surroundings.

Clarifying the truth transparently is part of the media battle that would miss the others the opportunity to use these lies in their battle by inciting people and showing war is like a proxy war, and it is also categorized by some political analyses aimed at covering the essence of the real problem that the project is standing ‘The Iranian sectarian’ as its engine in Yemen.

There are those who want to drown the "national resistance" of the coup and its sectarian project in a moral value case at such a level that dashed the hopes of the people for the change they aspire to by regaining their statehood. When we demand that the facts be clarified with a high degree of transparency, it is because we are aware of the magnitude of the cracks that such leaks and media warfare are taking in the midst of people and on the fronts of confrontation.

The battle with this project is not limited to the confrontation with arms, but on its other side is a media, political and value-moral war, and all these elements must be available in a battle of such importance and inclusiveness.

We cannot understand why brothers in the Kingdom do not explain the facts and are aware of the negative effects of the media battle in which their official papers are used.

The facts still need to be clarified, but if leaks have been made from within, and knowingly, the competent organs in the Kingdom, then it is necessary to ask for an investigation to find out who delivered the money and who was dismissed!

We must realize that the money that is lost in its way to the goals set for the battle to restore the state from the Houthi militias will become a force majeure with the opponent, so it is imperative to deal with this issue with high transparency that dispel the manipulation which is made within some legitimate wings themselves, as a way of slandering and arouse public discontent.

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