Yemeni Scientist Dr. Manahel Thabet Wins Avicenna Award

The London-based Brain Trust Charity has bestowed the Yemeni scientist Dr. Manahel Thabet the Avicenna Award, as one of the most distinguished researchers in the world. This prestigious award is made to recognize superlative mental achievements. For over a decade this award has honoured some highly talented individuals and shed light on their achievements and helped to create greater awareness of the potential for mental achievements that benefit all humanity. Dr. Thabet, who has scientific achievements in the field of finance , philosophy and mental strength, was elected by members of the British Royal Society of Science to be bestowed the Avicenna Award as a successor of Tony Buzan the

The 23rd Annual Meeting of the British-Yemeni Society

The British-Yemeni Society (B-YS) held its 23rd annual meeting on June 1st, 2016, in the presence of Dr.Yassin Saeed Noman, our Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Ireland. A number of members and those interested in Yemen affairs were among the attendees to the event. Speaking to the audience, His Excellency Dr. Yassin said “the Yemenis were present in the UK since 1860, and perhaps are the oldest established Muslim community in the country.” In the speech, H.E. Dr. Noman said that our objectives are to promote friendship, work to secure human values of peace, liberty and democracy, and to advance public knowledge in Britain about Yemen’s history, geography, economy, and culture. In a

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