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Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland where you will find practical information about our country and the various services available to you through our Embassy.

The United Kingdom has been a trusted and valuable friend of the republic of Yemen. It has played an important role through different phases; one of the most important is the formation of the friends of Yemen group, in order to enhance the political and the development process in the country.The United Kingdom also creates programs to address the challenges, which face the Yemeni economic sectors. 

There are growing opportunities for United Kingdom companies and professionals to contribute to the next stage in the growth of Yemen.

Our mission here at the Embassy in London is to assist in the strengthening of our mutual interests of friendship and commerce so I warmly invite you to explore our website, which will assist you with your queries on the Republic of Yemen.

Dr. Yassin Saeed Noman ​Ahmed

Name:                                   Dr. Yassin Saeed Noman Ahmed
Date & Place of Birth:        21.03.1947.  Yemen
Social Status:                       Married (daughters 2, sons 3)

Language:                            Arabic & English

                                               1981, PhD Economic Science. Hungary.
                                               1971, University Degree (Bachelor) Economy & Political Science. Cairo University Egypt.
                                               1954 - 1966, Secondary School & Primary School. Aden Yemen.

Professional History:
                                                2012,            Political Adviser to The President.
                                                                      Deputy chairman of The National Dialogue Conference.
                                               1990 - 1993, Speaker of The House (Chairman of The Parliament). 
                                               1986 - 1990, Prime Minister, South Yemen. Aden. 
                                               1983 - 1986, Deputy Prime Minister & Minister of Fish - Wealth.
                                               1981 - 1983, Deputy Minister pf Planning Ministry.
                                               1974 - 1976, Deputy Minister of Industry & Trade Ministry.
                                               1972 - 1974, Director General, Foreign Trade Company.
                                                                       Chairman, The Industrial & Commercial Chamber, Aden.
                                               1971 - 1972, Researcher to the Cabinet.

Medals & Rewards:
​                                              Medal of The Day Of Science.
                                              Medal of Independence.

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