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God the Almighty has singled out Yemen with varied terrain depicting a beautiful and comprehensive picture and natural map its visitor including plains, high mountains, basins and fertile valleys as well as hills, highlands, beaches, desert, and climate with diverse coastal , desert and mountainous characteristics. 

This land and climate diversity led to cultural diversity included the social habits of people ,their clothing, heritage them popular, In addition to the diversity of antiquarian output of each region resulting from the long period of history and civilization down time; This renders Yemen a unique and peculiar country by virtue of the things it possesses more than many countries.

​Tourism in Yemen is a promising sector, since Yemen is the cradle of civilizations and Yemen possesses a variety of varied tourist natural factors of history, ruins, the cultural heritage, and natural fundamentals that make it a tourist landmark. This is evidenced by the diversity of architecture, which makes it provide wonderful architectural models unparalleled in the world. Its possession of a diverse coastal strip is another evidence. 

​​​There are very magnificent places for recreation and Scuba diving since this beach lies along two seas : the Arab Sea and the Red Sea . Yemen also possesses islands and archipelagos endowed with the nature dazzling features.

​The data available on the tourism sector indicate the existence of expansion in tourist facilities, bringing the number of hotels at the end of the year 2006 to (1166) Hotel, the one-star hotels represent more than 50% of the total number of hotels and the average tourist nights are (6) nights, and the average tourist expenditure per night is (135) dollars as an average.

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