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I am a British citizen travelling to Yemen on holiday. Do I need a visa?
Yes. ​Please contact visa section.

I am not a British citizen but I live in the UK. Do I need a visa to travel to Yemen? 
Yes. Please contact visa section. 

Can I enter Yemen with my stepchildren without their biological parent? ​
Yes, with written proof of parental responsibility. 

Can I enter Yemen with my grandchildren? 
​Yes, with written approval from a parent or guardian. 

I want to work in Yemen; how can I obtain a work permit? 
You will need to be sponsored by an employer. 

What is the minimum validity period that I need to have in my passport? 
Your passport must be valid for at least six months in order to travel in and out of the country. 

I want to go to study in Yemen; how can I obtain a student visa? 
Contact the consulate section. 

​Are there any restrictions on single women travelling to Yemen? 

Is it legal to share a hotel room in Yemen with my partner if I am unmarried? 

Is kissing and holding hands appropriate in public? 
As in all Muslim countries public displays of affection are considered disrespectful and may lead to a police caution or even arrest. 

I am a British national who lives in the UK. Can I get married in Yemen? 
​Yes. But you should contact the British Embassy or Consulate in Yemen.

Is my marriage certificate going to be valid in the UK or EU if I get married in Yemen? 
Yes, if it is properly legalized. Check with the local British Embassy or Consulate

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