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Yemeni Scientist Dr. Manahel Thabet Wins Avicenna Award

The London-based Brain Trust Charity has bestowed the Yemeni scientist Dr. Manahel Thabet the Avicenna Award, as one of the most distinguished researchers in the world. This prestigious award is made to recognize superlative mental achievements. For over a decade this award has honoured some highly talented individuals and shed light on their achievements and helped to create greater awareness of the potential for mental achievements that benefit all humanity. Dr. Thabet, who has scientific achievements in the field of finance , philosophy and mental strength, was elected by members of the British Royal Society of Science to be bestowed the Avicenna Award as a successor of Tony Buzan the inventor of Mind Mapping. The Yemeni scientist received this global prestigious award at a ceremony held in London and attended by Yemeni ambassador to the UK, President of the Brain Trust Charity Tony Buzan and the Charity's Executive Director Raymond Nii, as well as members of the British Royal Society of Science and a number of princes and members of the British House of Lords. Following the award handover, Mr. Buzan pointed out that this award is given on the nomination of a committee of the British Royal Society of Science, under the auspices and supervision of the" Brain Trust"."If it's available to me, I would have handed over the award to this distinguished scientist without passing on the committee because she deserves the award worthily", Buzan added. The officials of the Brain Trust have hailed the leading scientific achievements of the Yemeni scientist, which made her worthy of this award.During the honoring ceremony, Dr. Manahel Thabe was announced as Vice President of the Brain Trust Charity in the UK and as President of the Charity in the Middle East and North Africa.In a statement to Saba, Dr. Manahel said, "I feel proud to receive this award, which I did not run for, but I was elected by a committee of specialists in the British Royal Society.""The award is an honoring for Yemen and Yemenis and all Arabs, especially Arab women", She added. Dr. Manahel Thabet is an economist, scientist, and consultant of Yemeni descent. At the age of 25, she earned her first PhD in Financial Engineering, making her the youngest person and the only Arab ever to attain such distinction. She has an IQ of over 168 which puts her in the top 0.1 percent of people in the world and is the winner of numerous awards for her work including a United Nations humanitarian award. Thabet is also the president of Smart Tips Consultants, a consultancy firm she founded in 2008.

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