Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2342 (2017), Security Council Grants One-Year Renewal of Sanctions o

The Security Council today renewed for one year a targeted arms embargo, travel ban and assets freeze against individuals and entities designated by the Committee established pursuant to resolution 2140 (2014) on Yemen. Unanimously adopting resolution 2342 (2017) under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter, the Council renewed until 26 February 2018 the measures imposed by paragraphs 11 and 15 of resolution 2140 (2014). [By those provisions, the Council decided that all Member States would freeze all funds, other financial assets and economic resources and economic resources on their territories that were owned or controlled by the individuals and entities designated by the Committee. I

Statement from the Government of the Republic of Yemen on the Contents of the statement Issued by th

The Government of the Republic of Yemen has taken note of the statement issued by Mr. Jamie Mcgoldrick, the Humanitarian Coordinator on the Humanitarian situation and the ongoing food crisis in Yemen. The Government is in deep distress for the dire humanitarian situation in Yemen as a result of the coup d’état against the legitimate government, the waging of war by militias and the storming of cities and villages. At the same time, the Government stresses its commitment to deal seriously and attentively with all reports and statements concerning the humanitarian situation. The Government is exerting its best efforts to reduce the suffering of citizens and in this regard, The Government wishe

A statement by the Government of the Republic  of Yemen regarding the west coast of Yemen

The Yemeni government confirms that the movement of the national army troops supported by the Arab Coalition forces are determined to Liberate the West Coast areas which are controlled by the Huthi/Saleh insurgents. In a statement to (SABA) News Agency The government said that liberating and protecting civilians in these areas, is at the core of the legitimate government’s responsibility and duty. The government stresses that it aimed at mitigating the citizens suffering of repression, flagrant violations of human rights committed by the Salih/ Huthi’s forces, including arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances ,youth and child forced recruitment, extrajudicial killings, denial of aid

On the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the 11th of February Revolution

On the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the 11th of February Revolution , His Excellency President Abdrabu Mansoor Hadi, delivered a speech in which he praised the events of that day “The February Revolution reflected the best picture of Yemeni civilisation, art and culture” He added: “it was a revolution of the people against a hereditary family regime in the state and against the corruption produced by that system. President Hadi said that the People revolted against that regime, despite the risk of failure and the even bigger risk of war, with great certainty and that "The survival of Saleh's regime and his family is a far worse risk than war and all the possibilities and worries

Yemeni forces capture Red Sea coast city

Yemeni government forces and national resistance, have secured the Red Sea coast city of al-Mokha, , in a push that paves the way for an advance on the country's main port city of Hodeidah, located some 185 km (115 miles) to the north. Hodeidah is Yemen's main port for food imports for the country of 26 million people. Supporters of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi have been fighting for weeks to capture the town, from the Iran-aligned Houthi -Saleh that has held it since early 2015. A military source said,” government forces recaptured the whole city of Mokha, and The national army were able to capture 30 members of the militia rebels, killed dozens of them and the rest fled away”. He added

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