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A statement by the Government of the Republic  of Yemen regarding the west coast of Yemen


The Yemeni government confirms that the movement of the national army troops supported by the Arab Coalition forces are determined to Liberate the West Coast areas which are controlled by the Huthi/Saleh insurgents.

In a statement to (SABA) News Agency The government said that liberating and protecting civilians in these areas, is at the core of the legitimate government’s responsibility and duty. The government stresses that it aimed at mitigating the citizens suffering of repression, flagrant violations of human rights committed by the Salih/ Huthi’s forces, including arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances ,youth and child forced recruitment, extrajudicial killings, denial of aid access and the bombing of civilians houses.

The Yemeni government wishes to remind the international organizations that the Huthi/Salih is blocking the access of humanitarian aid, that come through Hodeida port, and sell them on the black market. particularly fuel products and food, to sustain funding their military operations, while the civilians of the province suffer most from famine.

The government confirms that it is providing necessary relief and revitalization of vital facilities in the city of Mokha and other cities, south of the Red Sea, in cooperation with King Salman Centre and other relevant humanitarian organizations,. These areas have been liberated from the control of the coup d’état, who used them to smuggle weapons and impose threat to international maritime navigation.

The government has called the citizens of Mokha to return back to the city, where a special units of Yemeni armed forces has removed the landmines planted by Houthi forces.

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