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"Legitimacy", as a state codification, is a broad national political and Popular Alliance, the founder of which is the revolution of February 2011, the Gulf initiative, the outcome of the National Dialogue Conference, the United Nations resolutions, the resistance to the coup d'état and the restoration of the state. The "legitimacy" leadership discourse must embody this broad alliance, and the partisan rhetoric of any political power within this broad alliance must be separated between the official rhetoric of the state, which must reflect the general consensus, without the official position to impose the rhythms or policies of any party, whatever the reasons or circumstances. The discourse

‘Preventative’ Security: The Houthis’ Secret Weapon‘preventative’-security-houthis’-secret-weapon Yemen’s Houthis recruited a multitask secret security force, known as “preventative security”, to get rid of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, security officers in Sanaa informed Asharq Al-Awsat. The force receives direct orders from Houthi leader Abdul-Malek al-Houthi. For months, its members monitored the movements of the former president, including his phone calls and meetings. They were also gathering information about the pro-Saleh forces and the kind of arms they posses. Sources affirmed that Houthi, through his secret body, sought to purchase and rent hundreds of houses in the areas

"Theresa May" recent speech on Yemen

Dr Yassin Saeed Noman In a recent statement, British Prime Minister Mrs. "Theresa May" welcomed the decision of the alliance led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by opening the port of Hudaydah to receive humanitarian assistance and commercial goods, including fuel and foodstuffs. She said, “I have taken this vital step, which we applaud, despite the continued incitement and aggression by the Houthi forces and despite this step, we still have serious concerns over the continuing obstacles imposed by the Houthi rebels to prevent the arrival of aid”. She said, “I was appalled by the launching of another ballistic missile by Houthi on Riyadh on 19 December, which boasted that their aim was to in


EMBASSY OF REPUBLIC OF YEMEN would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our community, customers, suppliers and friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy NEW YEAR EMBASSY OF REPUBLIC OF YEMEN CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR OPENING TIMES Day Date Opening Times Saturday 23rd December CLOSED Sunday- Christmas Eve 24th December CLOSED Monday - Christmas Day 25th December CLOSED Tuesday - Boxing Day 26th December CLOSED Wednesday- Bank Holiday 27th December Normal Bu

British Foreign Minister condemns the launch of a Houthi missile on Riyadh

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson condemned the Al- Houthi militia'slaunch of a ballistic missile towards the Saudi capital of Riyadh, calling it a "shocking order," according to Sky News. The group "Ansar Allah" Houthi has announced on Tuesday, the launch of a ballistic missile targeting Al Yamamah Palace in the Saudi capital Riyadh, during a meeting of Saudi leaders led by King Salman.

The British government has announced the provision of 50 million pounds of emergency aid to the Yeme

British Minister of International Development Penny Mordaunt announced the government's intention in London to provide food vouchers worth 3.4 million pounds for Yemenis for one month, as well as 106,000 tons of grain and fuel to keep the hospitals functioning and continuing, according to a report published by The Independent, pumping drinking water. During her visit to Djibouti, she called for a quick solution in Yemen to end the suffering of the population. Britain is the second largest country in the world to provide aid to the United Nations, and the latest grants will raise the value of aid to 205 million pounds during 2017/2018, making Britain Britain's third largest assistant to Yemen

Foreign Minister receives Undersecretary of the French Foreign Ministry

Riyadh: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulmalik Al-Makhlafi received on Monday evening French Undersecretary for North African and Middle East Affairs Jerome Bonafont and discussed with him the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and the prospects for enhancing and developing them. The Foreign Minister also reviewed the situation in the Yemeni arena, expressing the Yemeni government's concern about the deterioration of the security situation in the capital Sana'a and the areas under the control of the coup following the campaigns of assassinations and arrests carried out by the Huthi militia, including the arrest of members of the House of Repre

The Deception of History.. مكر التاريخ

In tyranny lies the cunning of history.. And if tyrants tried to make themselves out of this history, they are in fact only the deceitful face of it, the face that is being made in its hideous spaces which is illuminated by the struggles and sacrifices of its people. The deception of history lies in the fact that tyrants are made by frightened and trembling hands. If you see a tyrant on top of his people, you must know that everyone around him is cowards, frightened and tremulous, and it is those who are accepted by the tyrant to keep in his vicinity. Tyrant does not accept the brave on his side, as the brave does not accept to remain in tyranny. We must have learned that courage and tyranny

H.E. Abdul Malek Al-Makhlavi Minister of Foreign Office revealed that the Yemeni government is worki

In an interview with Sky News Arabic, Al- Makhlavi Minister of Foreign Office said there was no political or popular cover for the Houthi-backed militias from Iran, adding that the legitimate forces were making military progress on the Shaboh and West Coast fronts. The Yemeni minister noted that the military action was accompanied by a state of popular outrage at the practices of the Iranian Houthi militias, stressing that the Iranian militias had no state, home and partnership programmes. He added that there is no political solution with the Houthi militias, because their decision is with Iran, which has stalled any chance of peace, adding that Iranian militias are trying to replicate the C

Yemen welcomes the report of the Secretary-General of the United Nations on the implementation of re

Adan Sabanet: The Government of the Republic of Yemen welcomed the fourth report of the Secretary-General on the implementation of resolution 2231 (2015), which refers to Iran's flagrant and hostile interference in the internal affairs of our country and Iran's clear support for the Houthi terrorist militias with advanced and dangerous missile capabilities that threaten the security and stability of the Republic of Yemen, . The Republic of Yemen also welcomes the American position announced by the United States Ambassador to the United Nations in Washington on Thursday, December 14, 2017, condemning Iran's hostile activities in supporting and arming terrorist groups, including the Houthi

President Hadi: American decision on Jerusalem is a serious infringement of international resolution

"The decision of the American administration to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the transfer of the American Embassy is a serious abuse," said H.E. President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, President of the Republic. In contravention of the resolutions of the Security Council, the General Assembly of the United Nations and all relevant international resolutions concerning Jerusalem and the Territories The Occupied Palestinian territory ". "The United States Administration has been stepping up this step and is aimed at... to change the legal and historical status of the occupied city of Jerusalem, in so far as it constitutes a provocation and an infringement of the inalienable righ

" Day of Yemen", in the British Parliament'' House of Commons''

In the "Day of Yemen", organized by the parliamentary Committee on Yemeni matter in the House of Commons, many parliamentarians and party leaders, including "Jeremy Corbin", leader of the Labour Party, scholars on Yemeni and some Members of Yemeni communities who participated actively from across the United Kingdom, as the ambassador of Yemen to Britain spoke, where he emphasized the efforts being made by the legitimate government led by President Hadi to peace efforts and working with various brothers, friends and humanitarian organizations to face the situation of humanity and alleviating the suffering of people. Reversing the reaction of all to the Yemeni crisis caused by the Houthi coup

On the sidelines of the British Foreign Office annual ceremony

At the annual ceremony of the British Foreign Office on Tuesday night, December 12, many diplomats spoke to me about ''Yemen after Saleh'', some of whom knew him closely and some who served as ambassadors or members of missions of various countries in Yemen. My reply was always that Saleh chose his end as it was, and no one forced him into it...... Who disagreed with him politically chose a different end for him, but Saleh preferred a different choice, perhaps with calculations not well seized. However, the fate of Yemen is not determined by the departure of any person whatever his position whatsoever. Saleh is in history now, the attitude of those who have benefited from his regime will cla

The Departure of the Great Artist Abu Bakr Salem

It was the first time I met the artist Abu Bakr Salem Belfaqih, I think, in the year 1959, I was a primary pupil at the Basabir Islamic Charitable school in Aden. He was participating in the rehearsals for the annual day of the visit of the Ayidros in the presence of the great artist, Alexander Thabit, Yahya Mekki, Ahmed bin Ahmed Kassem and Mohamed Abdo Zaidi, violinist Nadeem Awad, batsman and other young artists who make up the Alexander Thabet squad. The band, which has been on the hands of many big artists, including our late artist Abu Bakr Salem, has been reviving every year visit to the Ayedros from the Baster School in the choir of musical marches up to the tomb of the Aridros, and

The General People's Congress Party.......” the Rebellion” Where's the anchor?

As always, people are not preoccupied with the substance and content of the event, but with the actors involved in the event. Those who love Ali Saleh have decided that he was killed in his house resisting and heroic, and they insist on it for many reasons, including turning the page past at a sharp juncture that conceals its imperfections forever. As for his opponents, they decided differently that he was killed as he fled towards his hometown of Sanhan, and they did not just brutally kill him, but to be a shameful death and to deprive him of any sympathy even for humanity, especially if Saleh often used the term "fugitive" to spite his opponents. It is irrelevant to this controversy in it


If ever there was a case of needing a long spoon to sup with the devil, the killing on Monday of the former president of Yemen by his erstwhile allies, the Iran-backed Houthi militia, proves it. While president, Ali Abdullah Saleh struggled to contain Houthi violence. But he then teamed up with them in 2015 and unleashed civil war. Saleh’s fate was sealed over the weekend when he announced he was prepared to abandon his Houthi partners and start peace talks. The falling out between the two allies illustrates two important points. One, the strategy of the Arab Coalition, though much criticized, is working. It has succeeded in bringing Saleh to the table. Second, it belies the widespread misun

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