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The Deposed Carpenter's Door

Iran's regime has been working hard for the past three decades to awaken the sectarian strife in the region as an expression of its nature, which has torn the national fabric of its people into the control of an isolationist and defenseless minority.

Iran wanted to export this type of government to the whole region, awakened sectarian strife and began to mobilize and arm some groups of the peoples of the region with sectarian headlines called from a history of deepening conflict in the absence of the national State.

The aim was to create a total chaos in which all national efforts would be sabotaged in the building of the national state, which cared for the interests of all its citizens, and after this is being done to reconstruct these sectarian states, making them susceptible to internal wars and conflicts, and thus remain present in their internal affairs through their claws recruited for this purpose.

The Iranian regime has been protecting itself against its people by exporting its project out of Iran and creating mock battles aimed at suppressing popular protests on the grounds that Iran is exposed to external risks justifies such a repression, while everyone knows that the Iranian people have no danger except from the order in which it forcibly imposed itself, and went to squander its riches in regional polarization that threatened the security of the people of the region with wars that ate everything.

The Iranian regime, which has neglected its obligations to its people and went spending its riches to awaken discord in the countries of the region, forgetting that exporting internal problems abroad does not constitute any true solution to the problems of hunger, poverty and social differentiation, it may mobilize people for a certain period that makes them forget the miserable situation in which they are in.

The system of its misguided project cannot prevent social and political interactions from accumulating to produce its own expressions on Earth in a spirit of defiance that aspires to freedom, peace and a dignified life.

The Iranian people are living people who can regain their role in reproducing their historical status at the moment of challenge and able to response as seen in their long history before they were suppressed by the corruption regimes that were the cause of sorting out this reflexive system which has brought Iran into a vortex of conflicts that have dissipated Its riches, the entire territory has been placed in absurd confrontations, the time has come to end this, so that the people of the region can be preoccupied with the challenges of construction and the risks to all posed by cosmic changes.

What is happening in Iran today is not because of external enemies, as the leaders of the Iranian regime claim, but it is the harvest of misguided policies that have impoverished people, which are taken to oppress and impoverbe internally and seek to protect the system abroad by interfering in the internal affairs of others.

The regime may repress such demonstrations and peaceful protests, but in any case it is a clear message to all those who have been deceived by this isolationist system, they have to rebuild their political and community positions within their homelands, far from the sectarian excesses that have taken the illusion of the power of a bad regime that could not at the right time answer a simple Iranian citizen question;

where is Iran's wealth??........

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