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"Theresa May" recent speech on Yemen

Dr Yassin Saeed Noman 

In a recent statement, British Prime Minister Mrs. "Theresa May" welcomed the decision of the alliance led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by opening the port of Hudaydah to receive humanitarian assistance and commercial goods, including fuel and foodstuffs.

She said, “I have taken this vital step, which we applaud, despite the continued incitement and aggression by the Houthi forces and despite this step, we still have serious concerns over the continuing obstacles imposed by the Houthi rebels to prevent the arrival of aid”.

She said, “I was appalled by the launching of another ballistic missile by Houthi on Riyadh on 19 December, which boasted that their aim was to injure the royal palace, that the attack threaten the security of the region and prolong the conflict in Yemen, and I call upon those with influence over the Houthi to stop their actions”.

Lastly, she stressed the first two issues in support of efforts to implement the United Nations resolutions on the arms embargo and follow up the origin of these rockets, and secondly, recent developments have confirmed the "importance of a political solution to the conflict" in Yemen. 

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