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" Day of Yemen", in the British Parliament'' House of Commons''

In the "Day of Yemen", organized by the parliamentary Committee on Yemeni matter in the House of Commons, many parliamentarians and party leaders, including "Jeremy Corbin", leader of the Labour Party, scholars on Yemeni and some Members of Yemeni communities who participated actively from across the United Kingdom, as the ambassador of Yemen to Britain spoke, where he emphasized the efforts being made by the legitimate government led by President Hadi to peace efforts and working with various brothers, friends and humanitarian organizations to face the situation of humanity and alleviating the suffering of people.

Reversing the reaction of all to the Yemeni crisis caused by the Houthi coup, which plunged Yemen into the tragedy of war, the efforts made by British friends to end the war and achieve a lasting peace that will end the suffering of the Yemeni people and bring stability and rejection of Iran's plan in Yemen and in the region Generally.

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