The Departure of the Great Artist Abu Bakr Salem

It was the first time I met the artist Abu Bakr Salem Belfaqih, I think, in the year 1959, I was a primary pupil at the Basabir Islamic Charitable school in Aden. He was participating in the rehearsals for the annual day of the visit of the Ayidros in the presence of the great artist, Alexander Thabit, Yahya Mekki, Ahmed bin Ahmed Kassem and Mohamed Abdo Zaidi, violinist Nadeem Awad, batsman and other young artists who make up the Alexander Thabet squad.

The band, which has been on the hands of many big artists, including our late artist Abu Bakr Salem, has been reviving every year visit to the Ayedros from the Baster School in the choir of musical marches up to the tomb of the Aridros, and then greet the musical evenings by the way.

No one had heard of him, but by an accident that made everyone pay attention to him in those preparations,when,

Alexander Thabit asked him to To sing a clip from a song prepared for the occasion, he took the rhythm of the Znemon to prepare the tune amidst the astonishment of all with his boldness, sound and rhythm.

After that, radio Aden took the frequency of his famous song, which opened his artistic career. "Oh flower what a beautiful beauty between roses". The second song, drawn by an artist among his peers of the early age, was "from your gaze, you beautiful, I tasted the bitter of love." This marked the birth of a great artist and a great artistic pyramid that would not recur until a long life.

May God have mercy on his soul and our condolences to his family and all his lovers

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