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Art and Heritage Festival Week 2017 ''Moath Yemeni Community Centre'', City

Moath Yemeni Community Centre in the City of Birmingham, England, Founded by the late Great Saeed Hail Anaam in 1993.

It is currently managed by a Board of trustees of the Yemeni community in the city under the chairmanship of Prof. Adnan Saif, which conducts cultural, social and rehabilitation activities and became a landmark in this city in which society is shaped in a way that reflects cultural civilizational, diversity and humanity and sponsored by the British, which reflects the legacy of the historic British Empire that was once said, is an Empire that the sun was never absent from.

On Friday Nov 24, the community launched its cultural and Heritage week of art for the year 2017 and was a distinct message that the Yemenis, who are crushed by the tragedy of the bloody coup and the comprehensive war, is producing and committed to life.

The challenges of continuing spirit of peace, rejection of violence or anything that would bring them back to the nightmare of family guardianship, trusteeship or any other system of repression and domination.

At this launch festival, at the community's theater embraced four generations, perhaps more, in a magnificent painting, which reflected the spirit of belonging to a nation to which his children is inspired with longing and love.

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