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Dr. Yassin Saeed Noman: What is happening in Yemen is a living example of the implementation of the

Yemen's ambassador to the United Kingdom, Dr. Yassin Saeed Noman said: “The conflict in the Arab region is beyond the traditional differences that is known in the history of the relationship between Sunnis and Shiites, and the region is experiencing a conflict stems basically from the political realities of where Iran is working to expand its influence in many of the Arab countries and devoting itself an over territorial power.”

​Dr. Yassin clarified, “for this purpose Iran employs some of the forces in these countries to weaken the national cohesion so porous under various pretexts, including the protection of the Shiite minority, and in facing this heavy-handed policy, this expansion is being resisted by a wide popular base and deeper national political visions, although there are some pockets of resistance of the Iranian expansionist policy fall into the trap of the same logic of sectarian divisive upon which Iran is to tear the national fabric of these countries.” He said” A quick look at a map of the conflict in the Arab region; we find that Iran is everywhere they are found in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Bahrain and Yemen.” Dr. Yassin added "The cracking of Arab national state project is in full swing and handled by Iran on its own behalf and on behalf of others, there are those who tell us that it is a Sunni / Shiite conflict, we do not accept this classification of the conflict because; it is basically a struggle between two projects, the first is building the national state and the second is the project of Cracking this state". He pointed out that "the Sunnis and Shiites have lived long centuries and fought together in the most complicated stages for the national project in more than one Arab country, and when this project was vandalized for reasons linked to mismanagement, others started to follow the other alternative project of sectarian shredding which Iran found the chance to attack the national state hiring pockets in these countries, as happened in Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon, or supporting the ruling elites that have failed in managing the national project, as happened in Syria". Dr. Yassin said “What is happening in Yemen is a living example of the implementation of this deconstructive project, especially after Yemen has witnessed a successful political process and dialogue by all standards.” He added “We cannot say here that the interference comes within the map of Sunni-Shiite conflict, but in the context of cracking the national project and dumping Arab countries in wars, conflicts and dissassembly.” He concluded "it is difficult to demarcate ideological boundaries between Sunnis and Shiites, even in the radical form that attract militants who are working to establish a doctrinal base of the conflict, separated from the political and economic reasons.”

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