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Yemeni Prime Minister meets Swedish Special Envoy to Yemen

Prime Minister Dr. Moein Abdul Malik received on Tuesday the Swedish special envoy to Yemen, Ambassador Peter Semneby, where they discussed the latest developments on the national level and the ongoing obstruction by the Houthis to make progress in implementation of the Stockholm Agreement on Hodeidah, since it was signed more than ten months ago.

At the outset of the meeting, the Prime Minister noted the role played by Sweden in reaching the Stockholm agreement and its keenness to bring peace and stability in Yemen and end the war sparked by the Houthi coup militias. And to achieve security and stability in Yemen, pointing out that the disruption of the Houthi militias throughout the past period to implement the agreement confirms their lack of commitment towards peace and they are just tools used to ease international pressure on Iran.

He pointed to the government's keenness and commitment to reach a comprehensive and sustainable solution based on the three references, and stressed on the continued support for the efforts of the UN envoy, stressing that this requires the international community, the United Nations and the Security Council to exert the greatest pressure on the Houthi militias to implement resolutions and agreements as agreed with the international community including the Stockholm agreement.

The Prime Minister stressed the need to put an end to and deal firmly with the Houthi contrived obstacles to the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, including the economic side of it, pointing to the initiatives and concessions made by the government in this aspect.

For his part, the Swedish envoy reiterated his country's continued efforts to implement the Stockholm Agreement and its keenness to achieve peace in Yemen.

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