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In a meeting with the UN Envoy, the Yemeni President stresses on the importance of setting a timelin

President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi stressed on the UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths the importance of setting binding dates for implementing the Stockholm Agreement and exert international pressure on those who hinder implementing the agreement.

President Hadi said 'Implementing the Stockholm Agreement is the first step towards a lasting peace and building confidence'. He added 'The Houthis are used to making promises that they don't abide to'

And to avoid falling in the same trap again, it is vital to agree on clear dates to implement all parts of the Stockholm agreement.

From his side, the UN Envoy said 'we are working to evacuate ports and open the way to the Red Sea Mills in Hodeidah, and implementing all steps of the Stockholm agreement, including the humanitarian aspect and the issue of prisoners and detainees'

He added that the result of these steps will be presented to the Security Council in its next briefing.

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