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President Abdrabu Mansoor Hadi paid an inspection visit to several public departments , agencies and

The President of the Republic of Yemen, President Abdrabu Mansoor Hadi paid an inspection visit to several public departments , agencies and vital institutions in the temporary capital city of Aden in order to observe the status of the city and to launch the resumption of a number of services and requirements related to the public's livelihood.

The President visited the faculty of engineering in Aden University where he was received by the Rector Dr Al-Khader Laswar , the Dean of the Faculty , the professors and academics , the opening of the new laboratories of the faculty was held under the auspices of His Excellency the President with the cost of 12 million US dollars financed by the Islamic Development Bank , the project includes labs for Mechanics , Physics and various requirements for the faculty students in different divisions.

President Hadi expressed his admiration for the rapid progress that the University of Aden is witnessing in all faculties and divisions to overcome the challenges and destruction caused by the coup undertook by the Huthi Militias and Saleh's troops who caused massive destruction in Aden specifically and all Yemen in General , the President commended the important role of the university officials and employees in rebuilding the university and restoring education and activities within to enable students to follow up with scientific developments that are occurring in the world around us in all fields.

The President stated that Yemeni students have the competence, understanding and skills that would enable them to excel and be creative if given the proper atmosphere and considered today's opening of the new laboratories a sign that the right circumstances are being realized, he also urged those in charge of higher Education in Yemen to provide more opportunities to our youth through which they will excel and develop their creativity and skills.

President Hadi praised the efforts and contributions of the Islamic Development Bank in addition to financing the new laboratories it has also financed the construction of other buildings of the University and he invited International Organizations, Donor states and the European Union to support the education sector in Yemen being one of the five main sectors in Yemen that require immediate rehabilitation to get the citizens' lives back to normal, namely the Education Sector, Health Sector, Energy, water and roads.

The President of the Republic also paid an inspection visit to the port of Aden to observe the work on the port and level of services provided for shipping and facilities given in order to increase imports and exports and to attract new shipping lines , at his arrival at the port the president was received by The Executive Director of Aden Port Mr Mohammed Alawi Imzarbah who gave the president an extended explanation on the work flow , services and new improvements in the port facilities.

Mr Imzarbah explained that the port received 260 thousand containers in the year 2016 and has handled 20 thousand during the month of January 2017 and that the port is back to its working capacity prior to the invasion of Huthi Militias and Saleh troops of Aden then he expressed his high appreciation to the president's orders to allocate a part of the Turkish Donation to buy a 70 Ton capacity ( Sea-Tug ) for the port which is the most developed in Yemen and also to buy two generators of 7 Mega each to enhance the performance of the container station.

The president affirmed that the city of Aden is now safer and more stable than any time before due to the consolidation and cooperation of every one in the city and their devotion to the tasks and responsibilities thereof which is reflecting on people's daily life positively, the president referred to the effect of his previous orders to the government to reduce fees and customs in Aden port and to improve services and provide more facilities that had encouraged and increased imports and exports through the port of Aden .

The president also inspected during his visit to the port the new power generators that produce 30 mega watts each with a total of 60 mega watts and a cost of 60 million US dollars financed by the brotherly state of Qatar , the two generators will be incorporated to the Aden Power network and installed in Al-Hiswah Electricity Station .

President Hadi highly regarded the generous support and sincere efforts by Qatar and the member states of the Arab Alliance to support the people of Yemen in the current circumstances and stated such support and efforts will always be highly regarded by their Yemeni brothers with whom they face the same challenges and destiny to defeat the perpetrators of the coup ( Huthi and Saleh ) and to overcome the repercussions of their criminal acts so that Yemen will return to its Arabic sphere strong , dignified and stable and be an active part of its Arab Nation and the solidarity thereof.

The president then gave his instructions to speed up the installation process of The new generators in order to have them ready and operating by coming summer .

President Hadi then sent a humanitarian call to all international organizations , members of the International community , brotherly countries, EuropeanUnion and Donors to provide humanitarian aid to Yemen and also support the main sectors in urgent need for financing and rehabilitation which are Education, Health , Water , Energy and Roads .

The President of the Republic was accompanied in his field visits by Yaseen Makkawi and Abdulaziz Al-Moflihi presidential advisors , Director General of the Presidential Office Dr Abdullah Al-Alimi , Minister of Informatio Muammar Al Iryani , Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Dr Mohammed Ali-Saadi , Minister of Local Administration Abdulraqib Fath, Minister of Transport Murad Al Halimi , Minister of Higher Education Dr Hussien Ba Salamah , Vice Minister of Electricity Mubarak Al-Tamimi and a number of officials and specialists.

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