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Dr. Manahel Thabet among Britain's best scientists and Dr. Yassin Saeed Noman honour her

Yemeni embassy in the United Kingdom in the presence of members of the mission and a number of Yemeni figures resident In the UK welcomed Dr. Manahel Thabet Due to her scientific achievements in the field of mathematics and physics, where her name was registered as a scientist among Britain's best scientists on the panel of honour in the Britain's Royal Society for Medical Sciences among a group of scientists in the British House of Lords.​ Yemen's ambassador to the United Kingdom Dr. Yasin Said Noman said that Manahel is the true face of Yemen and its significant title if it was not ruled by corruption and destroyed by adventurers inside the trenches of underdevelopment and platforms of revenge, While the putsches ignites flame across Yemen, someone comes out of the fires Carrying a torch of light, telling the world this is the real Yemen.He added she is a model of young people who cultivates hope in the life of Yemen. Dr. Manahel Thabet is visiting the United Kingdom as a response to an invitation from the British Royal Society of Medical Sciences, and the House of Lords so as to honour her in recognition of her scientific achievements serving humanity and peace. Dr. Manahel Thabet said that she is proud to be from Yemen, which guides him this honour wishing that peace and stability return to country, noting that what Yemen needs now is optimism and hope. Dr. Manahel holds a number of global high awards from various countries around the world, including the medal of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, one of the highest honours awarded to scientists who have made a valuable service to humanity, and other awards from Sweden and Japan.

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