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Foreign Minister receives Undersecretary of the French Foreign Ministry


Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulmalik Al-Makhlafi received on Monday evening French Undersecretary for North African and Middle East Affairs Jerome Bonafont and discussed with him the bilateral relations between the two friendly countries and the prospects for enhancing and developing them. The Foreign Minister also reviewed the situation in the Yemeni arena, expressing the Yemeni government's concern about the deterioration of the security situation in the capital Sana'a and the areas under the control of the coup following the campaigns of assassinations and arrests carried out by the Huthi militia, including the arrest of members of the House of Representatives and partisan and tribal leaders, looting and bombing of houses. Condemns the international community and the permanent members of the Security Council of these crimes and violations. Al-Makhlafi referred to the invitation of His Excellency the President of the Republic, the legitimate government and the Yemeni Arab Alliance in all their sects and affiliations to rally their efforts to confront the greatest danger facing Yemen and the region, the bloody Houthi militia supported by Iran. He also stressed the commitment of the Yemeni government to harness all land ports and ports under its control to receive humanitarian aid and to provide safe corridors to reach aid to citizens who are forced to buy food and medicine and various needs of the black market after the Houthi militia and sold to them instead of allowing the delivery to Its beneficiaries. For his part, the Undersecretary of the French Foreign Ministry thanked the Minister for his reception and affirmed the French government's firm and firm support to the legitimate government of the Republic of Yemen in its efforts to restore the state and achieve peace in Yemen and condemned the crimes committed by the Huthi militia. The war in Yemen must end with a comprehensive peace solution. The ongoing war and the humanitarian suffering of the Yemeni people and restore the state and security and stability in Yemen and the region, expressing concern for the continuation of consultation between the two countries and the willingness of France to undertake a greater role with the Yemeni government and the international effort for peace M in Yemen. The meeting was attended by the official of the Europe and America file in the office of Foreign Minister Wael Hamdani, France's ambassador to the country Christian Tisto and a number of senior officials of the French Foreign Ministry.

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