H.E. Abdul Malek Al-Makhlavi Minister of Foreign Office revealed that the Yemeni government is worki

In an interview with Sky News Arabic,

Al- Makhlavi Minister of Foreign Office said there was no political or popular cover for the Houthi-backed militias from Iran, adding that the legitimate forces were making military progress on the Shaboh and West Coast fronts.

The Yemeni minister noted that the military action was accompanied by a state of popular outrage at the practices of the Iranian Houthi militias, stressing that the Iranian militias had no state, home and partnership programmes.

He added that there is no political solution with the Houthi militias, because their decision is with Iran, which has stalled any chance of peace, adding that Iranian militias are trying to replicate the Congress party in line with its interests.

With regard to the General People's Congress party, Al- Makhlavi said that the party was being subjected to massive hazing by the Houthi militias, but he stressed that of Yemeni legitimacy, progress on the ground on several fronts to address the two-pronged, especially the Shaboh and West Coast fronts.

In his dialogue with Sky News, the Yemeni minister called on the international community to stand clear on the violations against the leadership and cadres of the Congress party by the Houthi militias. Referring to the conviction of all that there is no partner of the Yemeni government in peace.

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