"Legitimacy", as a state codification, is a broad national political and Popular Alliance, the founder of which is the revolution of February 2011, the Gulf initiative, the outcome of the National Dialogue Conference, the United Nations resolutions, the resistance to t...


Yemen’s Houthis recruited a multitask secret security force, known as “preventative security”, to get rid of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, security officers in Sanaa...


Dr Yassin Saeed Noman 

In a recent statement, British Prime Minister Mrs. "Theresa May" welcomed the decision of the alliance led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by opening the port of Hudaydah to receive humanitarian assistance and commercial goods, including fuel and f...


                                  EMBASSY OF REPUBLIC OF YEMEN

would like to take this opportunity to wish all of our community, customers, suppliers and friends a very Merry Christmas and H...


British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson condemned the Al- Houthi militia'slaunch of a ballistic missile towards the Saudi capital of Riyadh, calling it a "shocking order," according to Sky News.

The group "Ansar Allah" Houthi has announced on Tuesday, the launch of a ba...

British Minister of International Development Penny Mordaunt announced the government's intention in London to provide food vouchers worth 3.4 million pounds for Yemenis for one month, as well as 106,000 tons of grain and fuel to keep the hospitals functioning and cont...



Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdulmalik Al-Makhlafi received on Monday evening French Undersecretary for North African and Middle East Affairs Jerome Bonafont and discussed with him the bilateral relations between the two friendly coun...

In tyranny lies the cunning of history..

And if tyrants tried to make themselves out of this history, they are in fact only the deceitful face of it, the face that is being made in its hideous spaces which is illuminated by the struggles and sacrifices of its people.



In an interview with Sky News Arabic,

Al- Makhlavi Minister of Foreign Office said there was no political or popular cover for the Houthi-backed militias from Iran, adding that the legitimate forces were making military progress on the Shaboh and West Coast fronts.

The Y...

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